Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Renewed smart money card and Paypal

My smart money card will expire at the end of the month, but I put in for a replacement. Actually, All I did was fall in line at the local Smart office and apply for a new one, only to discover that you can't do that unless the card is already expired. Since the expiration date is 11/11, it will still be valid until 12/11 or December 1, 2011

But later on I did receive a text message from Smart money saying that I will receive a replacement. I have no idea if this is automatic or it was triggered by my trying to have it replaced. If it is automatic, then kudos to smart for making things easy for the customer.

Today, its only November 9 but a 2Go letter arrived with my replacement card. Since this is a renewal of an expired card, I get the same card number. The only thing that changed is the expiration date and the CSC. The card came with a sticker that says call 15177 on your smart cellphone to activate. OK, I called and got it activated. Actually it was already active since its just a renewal. They then texted me the instructions.
To nominate your primary card: Just type ENROLL CARD   and send to 343.

OK I did that. Next I went to paypal to link my card. This procedure is much faster than with a new card.
  • unlock card for internet transactions
  • login to paypal
  • you will be at the my account tab
  • click update my credit card info
  • click edit
  • change the expiry date to the new one and change the CSC
After that you will recieve a text: Approval of Php 43.54 purchase at PAYPAL Merchant from card . Avail Bal: Php XXXX Ref: XXXXXX

And thats it. 

The end


Anonymous said...

does not work. smart money cannot be linked. ugh. and to think i bought a prepaid card just to get this feature.

Vince said...

I have bought a lot of stuff online with paypal and smart money.

make sure your smart money card is activated and working by using the smart money card in a supermarket or something. make sure both your smart money card and your cellphone have load

Anonymous said...

May charge pala pag renew ng smart money sa paypal? akala ko wala ng charge. na change ko yung expiry date pero nung sa CSC na, nag deny. Baka dahil walang fund yung smart money ko?

Vince said...

yes put some load in your new smart money

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