Sunday, September 19, 2010

broke my router!

I broke my belkin F5D7231-4 wifi G router.

Bought it on sale in canada in 2008, $39.99 (canadian dollars). Its 110v.

Iit was plugged into an AVR and the avr was plugged into a Panther PSP - 1102 surge protector/filter. What happened was that the panther has loose wires inside so if you unplug one plug, the other 3 sockets may lose power. Well I unplugged something and the power went off for a split second.

Checking all the stuff that was plugged into the AVR.
* PC initially wont turn on but after power cycling the AVR and the switch at the back of the PSU, its ok.
* Monitor = ok,
* PLDT DSL modem = ok ... wait a minute, why is the Ethernet light off and why is there no internet?

OH NO! My router is broken!

Usually when you turn it on, all the lights flash then eventually a few turn off or flash. The lower row of 4 numbers represent the wired connections. Only the ones with active LAN connections light up. In this case all 4 and the modem light light up even with nothing connected except the power

Here's a pic of the lights on the face of the router. Again, nothing is connected except the power. It doesnt change even if I wait

Any suggestions for a new router?

* not too expensive. 2-3k budget
* wifi N (my laptop is G but what the heck, its 2006 vintage and i plan to buy a new one soon)
* compatible with usb internet dongles
* optional - can use external antennas

UPDATE: pictures of the insides here
Update: the culprit was my surge protector. Here's how i fixed it.

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