Monday, August 9, 2010

cybertec surge suppressors

You see lots of surge suppressors or surge protectors in the market. Here's one. Cybertec brand.

cybertec power strip

surge protector

surge protector

The pics clearly show the "surge suppressor" claim on the box, while the internal pics only show power sockets, switches, indicator lights and a box for the fuse. Compare this with a true suppressor which has varistors and EMI filters

I bought it because its only 300 pesos, I need a power strip with individual switches, it looks a heck of a lot better than my old one which has a busted switch and no fuse, and I need plugs that are widely spaced apart so that a small power supply or transformer does not cover adjacent slots. I would have liked to have a real one but I'm on a budget.

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Abhie OrdoƱez Calica said...

Hi, i just want to know where did you bought this power strip?

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