Friday, July 2, 2010

psychonauts on sale for $9.99

psychonauts on sale for $9.99



    * E3 2006 Game Critics Awards: Best Original Game
    * GameSpot Best and Worst of 2005: Best Voice Acting, Best Graphics (Artistic), Funniest Game, Best Game No One Played, Best Platformer. Nominated for Best Story and Best Original Music. Razputin was nominated for Best New Character.
    * IGN 2005 Awards: Best Platformer, Best Game No One Played
    * Razputin was placed #2 on the Game Informer "Top 10 Heroes of 2005" list.
    * EuroGamer: Overall Game of the Year 2005
    * PSM: Buy or Die award in issue #100, #5 on Top 10 Games of 2005 list, Best Characters
    * Electronic Gaming Monthly 2005 Awards: Best Game No One Played
    * PC PowerPlay: First full 10/10 score after the magazine's switch from the 100-point scoring system to its current 10-point scoring system
    * PC Gamer magazine 2005 Awards: Best Game You Didn't Play, Editor's Choice Award
    * GameShadow Innovation in Games Awards nominee (Best Game, Innovative Visual Effects, Best Narrative)
    * G4's X-Play deemed Psychonauts the funniest game ever in their "Funniest @#%& Ever" episode and was voted #6 in the top ten games on the Xbox in the "Best of the Xbox" episode.
    * British Academy Video Games Awards 2006: Best Screenplay[26]
    * Games magazine: 2006 Electronic Game of the Year
    * 6th annual Game Developers Choice Awards: Best Writing, with Tim Schafer and Erik Wolpaw accepting

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