Monday, June 7, 2010

fastest integrated video card

Most integrated video cards tend to be anemic like low end intel video cards. But not this one.


The motherboard is an X58 mainboard which is compatible with a Core i7 processor. The integrated video is a  "full-fledged ATI Radeon HD 5770". Wait, there's more, there's also an integrated Lucid Hydra chip fused onto the PCB and 2 pci-e slots. If you dont know what the licud hydra chip does, it means you can slap 2 nvidia cards, 2 ati cards or 1 of each brand into the pci-e slots and all 3 can sli/xfire with each other. See this link for the wikipedia entry on lucid hydra.

There are some unanswered questions.
* How about the cooling?
* Will this 5770 have its own ram or will it share ram with the motherboard? With shared ram I predict this will be severely bottlenecked, probably  more than 50% slower than a normal 5770.
* If it has its own ram, how does it compare to a normal 5770?
* Is this a new version of the hydra  because older versions have a few bugs and buggy drivers

Since its not out yet, we dont know about the price.

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