Sunday, April 18, 2010

wi-tribe 200pesos per gig

Wi tribe has officially launched their bandwidth on demand.

For either plan 998 or 1998, if you already exceeded the cap and you speed is already throttled, you can pay 200 pesos per gig to get your speed back up to pre-cap speeds

Thats quite expensive. I propose an alternative

Instead of paying 200 pesos for 1 gig, just get your smart buddy prepaid sim card and activate unlisurf and transfer the sim card to your smart bro prepaid usb 3.5g modem to get 5 days of unlimited surfing up to 2mbps. It also costs 200 pesos.  See links for more details.

@ 1 mbps you can download 55 gigs in 5 days or 120 hrs

in reference to: wi-tribe Philippines |  MOVE MORE Bandwidth On Demand (view on Google Sidewiki)

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