Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update on my mutual funds (sun life) investment

I bought some mutual funds 3rd quarter 2009, specifcally Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund.

 Its been stagnating at 3% for several months. But this march it went to 8% and today its 11.4%.



Anonymous said...

Hi did you compute for the percents from 3 to 8 to 11.5%? You computed it on your own based on the initial NAVPS up to the current NAVPS bond fund?

Thank you

Vince said...

I just logged into my sunlife account. There you can see the current value of the "shares" I have.

After that, its pretty simple math

Example, I bought 100 pesos worth of funds before. Now on the sunlife page, if the current value is 110 pesos. Thats 10%.

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