Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apple bans online sales of apple products in japan

"Large retail stores in Japan were ordered a week ago to stop selling Apple products online (Google translation; Japanese original). The comments in the Japanese business newspapers suggest that Apple believes online shopping confers an aura of 'cheapness' on their products; but surely killing the Apple store's competition must have entered into the calculation. As of today, most of the largest retailers have notices on their Apple catalog pages asking you kindly to visit the shop if you want to acquire a piece of magic. It seems that for the moment the campaign is aimed at the big fish, as smaller shops still seem to be selling Apple products."

Another example of how dictatorial apple can be. This will only make prices go up.

Imagine if this spreads worldwide, you cant  buy apple stuff on ebay or from online sellers like in tipidpc.

in reference to: Slashdot Apple Story | Apple Bans Online Sales In Japan (view on Google Sidewiki)

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