Sunday, March 21, 2010

wi-tribe finally admits to the cap

This is the old webpage (I saved it as a MAFF or mozilla archive).

It has now been updated. Between #4 and the coyright 2008, this has been added

Enjoy unlimited broadband with speeds of up to 1Mbps.
wi-tribe Move Up Plan
at P998.00 monthly
at speeds of up to 1Mbps with 6GB Fair Usage Threshold is here!

Your 6GB Fair Usage Threshold will be at speeds of up to 1Mbps for the Move Up Plan.
If you use up your 6GB Fair Usage Threshold before the month is over, your broadband connection will NOT be cut off.
However, we may adjust your surfing speed to below 512 Kbps.
You will enjoy your 6GB Fair Usage Threshold again at speeds of up to 1Mbps on the following month.
wi-tribe 4G broadband.

The broadband that will make you smile!

LINK here

UPDATE: here's what the webpage for plan 998 looks like now as of june 2008.

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