Wednesday, March 31, 2010

review of torchlight

official website

I bought this on steam for $19.99. Unfortunately, it later came out 75% off. Rats. Oh well. The download was only around 700-800 mb so its not too big.

I'll make a short informal review. This really is very very similar to Diablo. It can wear out your left mouse button. Gameplay is good. Its easy to play, controls are responsive. Graphics are a bit cartoony but thats a personal preference. The gameplay and the dungeons get repetitive after a while, specially after you finish the story. While there are 3 character types each with another 3 subtypes, I feel that going through the game after 2 or 3 run throughs makes me feel bored

Special mention are the mods. There are tons of mods for this game. Fortunately, someone made a program that finds and downloads and installs mods. Its called torchleech.

I give the game a 4 out of 5. Only 4 because of the short length of the story and the repetitive nature of the levels after the main quest is over.

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