Thursday, February 4, 2010

LTE vs WIMAX ~ VHS vs betamax all over again?

Alcatel-Lucent has placed its money on LTE. What does this mean for globe wimax and wi-tribe users? Is wi-max a dead end technology? Is this why both globe and wi-tribe have ridiculously slow actual speeds (1 mbps and below)? Is Smart's upcoming LTE the wave of the future? Or will wimax still be OK?

in reference to:
"the firm is "not putting a lot of effort into [WiMAX] any longer" after noticing that there's "a clear direction taken by the industry towards LTE." Of course, it doesn't take an analyst to notice that Europe, Asia, and virtually every carrier in the Americas have all taken on a decidedly pro-LTE slant in the past couple years,"
- Major infrastucture supplier calls it: LTE over WiMAX -- Engadget (view on Google Sidewiki)

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