Wednesday, February 17, 2010

clarification on wi-tribe's cap

Here's the latest unconfirmed news on wi-tribe's cap. I say unconfirmed because its nowhere on their official website but their sales reps confirm this info verbally only. This is what is posted on the tipidpc boards

Starting first week of February, 2010 the company will be offering its unlimited Starter Package @ Php 998/mo. with 1Mbps actual speed (up to 3GB download volume per month, speed tapering at 256kbps in excess of 3GB) of surfing/browsing via 4G technology (3x faster than 3G) with FREE connection between 1am to 7pm (the 3GB donwload volume capacity is not affected)!

I think thats a typo, it should be 7am not 7pm.

Anyway, so what does this mean? If you are already way beyond 3 gigs and you are already capped at 256 kbps, between 1 am and 7am your total bytes downloaded does not change but what about the speed? Will it stay at 256kbps or go back to 1 mbps?


agapornO said...

If they throttle the speed to 256kbps, bayantel's offer would be cheaper at P700/ month + a portable dongle that does not require an external power source.

agapornO said...

Is 1am-7pm a typo? because that's a 19hour window

It should burst as promised...what's the point in staying with the default of 256 during off-peak?

1a-7a is a myth an a fable at the time of this writing...never happened to me.

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