Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Post - about me


This is my first Blog. Good thing makes it easy. My PHP and HTML is a little rusty.

About the name, Magos Biologis Philippinensis. Philippinensis is taken from the latin name used for several species that are native to my country. It means that I am a Filipino from the country called the Philippines, and this is a Philippine Blog. However, any sentient being in with access to cyberspace is welcome here.

Magos Biologis comes from the Warhammer 40k universe, specifically the Adeptus mechanicus. The Adeptus mechanicus are the people who control technology in the warhammer 40k universe. Parallels can be drawn with present day scientists and engineers but for normal people, gadget geeks and tech wizards are the closest equivalent. A Magos is a high rank in the mechanicus. A magos biologis is the equivalent of a present day Biologist.

In real life I did finish B.S. Biology in college, and eventually I followed the path of our national hero, Jose Rizal by jumping from the Jesuits to the Dominicans. If you didnt get that, It means I took up Medicine here. So I'm a doctor, specifically a newly minted general surgeon, that explains the "Biologis". Actually, normal doctors are more like the warhammer 40k apothecaries but I decided to go with the Biologis since the Magos Biologis spend less time treating injured people and instead devote more time to research. Its a little more interesting that way.

Now I chose the Adeptus Mechanicus as my inspiration because I am a fan of the warhammer 40k universe and I am pretty knowledgable about technology and computers.

So that ends my first post.

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